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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fotogenic photo editor do?

What does Fotogenic : Photo Editor do? "EVERYONE IS PHOTOGENICS" "Fotogenic" is the best choices for photo editing app to suit every level of photographer. We've created an interactive help for you to understand how to use it for each feature. Even if you have never used photo editing app before, you will create wonderful works of art.

What is the ImageXpress Micro confocal system?

The ImageXpress® Micro Confocal system is a high-content solution that can switch between widefield and confocal imaging of fixed and live cells. It can capture high quality images of whole organisms, thick tissues, 2D and 3D models, and cellular or intracellular events.

How can I perform neurite outgrowth imaging and analysis with ImageXpress?

Using the ImageXpress Micro system in combination with MetaXpress Image Analysis Software automated neurite outgrowth imaging and analysis is possible for slide or microplate-based cellular assays.

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