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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the most wins in F1?

Michael Schumacher is rightly regarded as one of the finest drivers ever to grace Formula 1, winning seven world titles and 91 races. He earned five championships consecutively with Ferrari, dominating the sport from 2000 to 2004 including one of the most incredible years ever seen.

Who is the youngest winner of the F1 race?

Youngest Formula 1 winner – Max Verstappen, 18 years and 228 days. No real surprise here. Max Verstappen was catapulted straight from finishing third in the European Formula 3 Championship in 2014 into a Formula 1 car in 2015, at the age of just 17. Just a season and four races later he was parachuted into the second seat at Red Bull Racing, replacing Daniil Kvyat after a lacklustre opening ...

What time is qualifying F1?

The F1 qualifying races are being broadcast on Sky Sports F1 in the UK. Although the qualifying races are not set to due to begin until 5pm the coverage will begin before then. Viewers will be able to tune in for analysis and discussion from around 4pm onwards ahead of the qualifying taking place.

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