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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a food shortage in the UK?

The Road Haulage Association says there is a current shortfall of about 100,000 heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers in the UK. The labour shortages are also a result of the pandemic. Analysts say there are no food shortages as such, but rather labour supply issues in haulage and logistics caused by a combination of COVID-19 and Brexit.

Why is there a food crisis in the European Union?

In major cities, the crisis becomes paramount. In Germany, for example, the VAT stands at 19% for basic food and other everyday items. The European high income-taxes and drastically high VAT taxes further reduce the purchasing power of the common citizen. Add to that the problem of distributing food in a crisis in cities.

Why is Europe facing a fertilizer shortage?

Europe has been hardest hit by fertilizer-plant cutbacks on soaring costs of natural gas used to run them -- and nutrient prices there remain at a record even as the pressure eased in North America. Europe could face a deficit of about 9% of its annual nitrogen-fertilizer needs in the first half, VTB Capital estimates.

Why is there a shortage of chickens in the UK?

These shortages are in part due to demographic shifts catalysed by Brexit, Britain’s historic divorce from the European Union. The British Poultry Council estimates that one in six jobs in the industry is currently vacant as a result of workers returning to the EU.

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