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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Foo stand for?

Foo Fighters (フー・ファイターズ, Fū Faitāzu) is a Stand featured in Stone Ocean. Foo Fighters allows bundles of plankton to exist in a humanoid form. It adopts a personality, along with the nickname F.F.; siding with the allies of the story.

What does Foo means?

Foo (pronounced FOO) is a term used by programmers as a placeholder for a value that can change, depending on conditions or on information passed to the program. Foo and other words like it are formally known as metasyntactic variables.

What is the definition of Foo?

The term "foo-foo" refers to any ground provision or a combination of ground provisions that has been boiled, pounded or mashed, then formed into balls. It's one of those foods that came to the Caribbean through the region's African descendants.

What is Foo in Java?

public class Foo. extends javax.swing.JApplet. This is a USB tree viewer. This currently provides as much of the /proc/bus/usb/devices information as can be gotten without actually reading that file. At this writing, that means that bus topology information is unavailable: you can't tell what device is connected to a given hub port, in the typical case.

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