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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Fontaine family?

The Fontaine Family Team is a highly skilled team of effective real estate negotiators dedicated to getting your property sold for more by developing a comprehensive and customized marketing plan for your property's distinctive characteristics.

Why choose the Fontaine homeselling system?

Well informed homeowners choose The Fontaine Homeselling System to obtain them top dollar faster, along with a stress free experience.

What are Fontaine futures?

Fontaine Futures are the latest creation by Fontaine Cards. 6 new decks of Fontaines, each wrapped in a BLIND PACK. Each BLIND PACK contains 1 of 6 Fontaine Future decks. Each pack is random. 10,500 Blind Packs exist.

What is it like to work at Fontaine?

“The Fontaine Team is absolutely wonderful. Friendly, very knowledgeable staff on all areas and will to go the extra mile to assure their customers are taken care of. The thought and care they put into every transaction. Constantly following up and checking in every step of the way.”

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