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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose flourish psychology?

Flourish Psychology is a dynamic and well-established clinical psychology service located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. As a practice we are committed to excellence, and pride ourselves on providing high quality professional services in a warm and positive environment.

What is the flourish program?

Flourish is a setting unlike any other, where services can be combined to best meet your needs. You can expect to gain tools to support long-term growth and lasting change, no matter where you are in your journey. We are now offering all clinical services previously provided by EMPOWER Centers.

What is flourishing and why is it important?

Flourishing is a multi-dimensional construct, meaning it’s made up of several important parts, and maximum flourishing can only happen when a person experiences a healthy level of each dimension or component.

Why is research on flourishing so difficult?

Although research on flourishing has been prolific it hasn’t been easy; due to the nature of the construct, research on flourishing is often more difficult than research on most other topics in psychology. This difficulty is a result of the multiple definitions and proposed components of flourishing.

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