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Frequently Asked Questions

What is floryday com?

About is a business registered in London, United Kingdom. It’s an online shop that features some of the latest designs in women’s fashion, accessories and apparel. Because of their unique clothing patterns and attractive prices, the company has, over time, expanded its horizons overseas as well.

What are the negative reviews of floryday?

Among the negative reviews of Floryday on Trustpilot is one from a shopper that said the quality of the clothes was very poor. After waiting a long time for their order, they found the clothing to be made of flimsy and cheap material.

Is floryday a scam or one of the best Asian shopping sites?

A Scam? Or One of the Best Asian Shopping Sites? If you’re a fan of budget fashion from around the world, then Floryday is an option that offers “every woman” clothes for all ages. They also stand out from their competitors by having a large selection of children’s clothing.

Can I get a refund for my floryday reviews?

*Trustpilot has a note at the top of their website that the company has offered refunds to those making Floryday complaints if they remove their negative review from the site. Now, let’s take a look at highlights from positive and negative Floryday dresses reviews and clothing reviews.

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