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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do floryday clothes cost?

Floryday Reviews | Average Women’s Clothing Price Range Floryday dresses: $40-$60 Floryday abrigos (coats): $40-$60 Floryday blouses: $25-$30

What is your review of floryday?

Forget major retailers, Floryday outshines them all. Best online shopping experience with Floryday. Excelence in quality and services for over 4 years that I have been doing shopping This company keeps sending me unwanted marketing emails. Despite me contacting them many times the emails keep coming in.

Does floryday really look like cotton?

Even positive reviews for Floryday mention that the clothing doesn’t always look like the photo, and if something says “cotton” it might not be. The biggest complaints for Floryday that we saw were on the clothing quality.

Would you recommend floryday for dresses?

I had already made alterations to the dress to fit me perfectly so accepted the generous offer of the discount coupon. I highly recommend Floryday as their dresses in particular are beautiful & are extremely reasonably priced.

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