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Frequently Asked Questions

What is floryday? - Online store for the latest fashion & trends in women's collection. Shop affordable ladies' Dresses, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories with top quality. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Floryday?

How do I contact floryday?

How do I contact FloryDay? Ask a question and get answers from people who are customers of FloryDay . How do I contact FloryDay? You can contact FloryDay by Email and Live Chat.

How much does floryday shipping cost?

In our Floryday shipping costs’ review, we’ve put a dress, blouse, and pair of shoes in our cart to check U.S. Shipping costs for those three items: $20.99 for standard shipping. $23.99 for expedited shipping. Plus, the option of $0.99 for insurance.

What are the negative reviews of floryday?

Among the negative reviews of Floryday on Trustpilot is one from a shopper that said the quality of the clothes was very poor. After waiting a long time for their order, they found the clothing to be made of flimsy and cheap material.

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