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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does floryday shipping cost?

In our Floryday shipping costs’ review, we’ve put a dress, blouse, and pair of shoes in our cart to check U.S. Shipping costs for those three items: $20.99 for standard shipping. $23.99 for expedited shipping. Plus, the option of $0.99 for insurance.

Where is floryday manufactured?

Company’s contact page, however, gives two other office addresses for Floryday, one in Hong Kong and the other one in Delhi, India. They have warehouses located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Australia, and China. Don’t Miss: Rosewe Reviews (Warning) | The Truth About Rosewe Clothing (Is it Legit?

Is floryday a good online shopping site to buy clothes from Asia?

There are tons of online shopping sites out there offering cut-rate clothing from Asia. But Floryday has a twist that the others don’t. In addition to selling women’s clothes at budget prices, they also sell kids’ clothes. But how good is this international retail site at delivering on the quality in reality vs the photos on the website?

What are the reviews of floryday?

After waiting a long time for their order, they found the clothing to be made of flimsy and cheap material. A Canadian shopper that gave a 1-star Floryday review said the cardigan they received looked nothing like the photo on the website and came in the wrong color. They felt cheated because the cost to return the product wasn’t worth it.

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