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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a flexible ruler?

Flexible Ruler Designs Make it Simple to Measure Oddly Shaped Items. Flexible protractors provide precise measurements of not only straight-edge items but projects with curves and angles as well. Their bendable nature wraps around pieces, hugging them closely to offer an exact circumference, length, width or height.

What size is a SS 16th ruler?

General® 6 in (L) SS 16ths Inch Flexible Precision Ruler comes with ultra-fine black graduations. General® Flexible precision ruler measures 6" x 15/32" and features permanent, deeply etched black markings for accurate measurements.

What is a 12 inch beveled ruler made of?

Staples 12" wooden ruler is made from select wood with a brass beveled edge. New Look! Draw straight lines and take accurate measurements with this Staples 12-inch beveled wood ruler.

What is a straight-edge ruler used for?

Measure linear objects or make accurate line drawings with the help of a straight-edge ruler. Often crafted from sturdy, durable materials like metal, wood and plastic, they offer a hard surface for tracing or marking on projects and are designed to last.

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