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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to fit a saddle?

You will need a saddle fitting tool! We highly recommend using a 24” piece of 12-2 Romex housing wire (has just the right amount of flexibility but holds its shape), FLEXIBLE RULERS ARE NOT ACCURATE they are too flexible and don't hold their shape! On the Romex wire put black electric tape on the ends, mark left/right & front/back on the ends.

How to measure a horse for a saddle?

How to Measure Your Horse for a Saddle. YOU WILL NEED: Your horse. Level ground. Camera. Saddle (your current saddle or a trial saddle from EQUESTRIAN IMPORTS, INC) Chalk in a color that contrasts with the color of your horse. Flexible curve at least 16” in length (This is an architect’s flexible ruler.

Where should a saddle tree sit on a horse?

Be sure that the flexible curve is behind the shoulder muscle because you are trying to simulate where the saddle tree would sit on your horse’s back in order to allow for complete range of motion of the shoulder. With the flexible curve lying directly on your horse’s withers, carefully mold it to follow the contour of the withers.

How do you wire a saddle to a horse?

Shape the wire over the withers, 3” behind the scapula/ “sweet spot”. Take your time and make sure the wire is exactly the same shape as the horse. Lay the wire on a piece of paper and trace the shape......see photo. You need to label left/right on the paper.

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