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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of flashback?

Flashback is an essential aspect of plot which allows the chronological narrative to be interrupted by information and memories from the past. It can provide stories with background information, characters with personality development, and plots with more complicated structures.

What is one function of flashback?

Function of Flashback. The use of a flashback is to convey to the readers information regarding the character’s background, and give them an idea of the character’s motives for doing certain things later in the story. Therefore, a flashback in the story deepens inner conflict.

What is an example of flashback in literature?

Example #1: The Holy Bible (By Various Contributors) The Bible is a good source of flashback examples. In the Book of Matthew, we see a flashback has been used when Joseph, governor of Egypt, sees his brothers after several years.

What is the definition of flashback?

Flashback is a device that moves an audience from the present moment in a chronological narrative to a scene in the past. Often, flashbacks are abrupt interjections that further explain a story or character with background information and memories. II. Examples of Flashback

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