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Frequently Asked Questions

What's going on with flash flood watches in Texas?

More Videos ... (CNN) Millions across southeast Texas and parts of Louisiana will remain under flash flood watches into Thursday because of torrential rain that has swept through the region, triggering power outages and reports of localized damage.

What happens when a flash flood warning is issued?

A Flash Flood Warning is urgent. If one gets issued for your area, rapid rises of creeks, streams, and rivers are possible. A Wireless Emergency Alert will also be triggered on your smartphone if you are in the warning. Unfortunately, this is when high water rescues are most common.

How can I view flood and high flow conditions in Texas?

USGS real-time maps of flood and high flow conditions may be accessed using the USGS Texas Water Dashboard. Twenty USGS field crews are measuring floodwaters and verifying streamgage operations on the Rio Grande, Red, San Antonio, Guadalupe, Colorado, Brazos and Trinity River Basins.

How long does a flood warning stay in effect?

These can be issued or stay in effect long after any rain ends because it takes a while for water in those creeks and rivers to recede to normal levels.

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