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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fishing brands?

Rapala produces some of the best fishing rods and is a famous global fishing brand. This fishing brand corporation operates in more than 37+ countries world wide in the trade of fishing rods, knives and tools that help anglers in catching fishes in sought of water environments.

What is the best fly for fishing?

The best known and classic form of fly fishing is what is known as dry fly fishing. The fisherman uses an artificial fly, which he casts so that it will float on the water. The fly will pass over the fish, which will hopefully rise up and bite it.

Where is the best fishing in Idaho?

Best Place to Fish & Boat Dierkes Lake is conveniently located inside a public park. A full marina, plus trails and volleyball courts just outside of Boise, Idaho. Gold Lake is considered the best catfish, crappie, and smallmouth bass fishery in Idaho and Oregon, and for good reason.

What type of fishing?

Fishing can also be categorized by the place where the fish are caught. When categorized in this way, there are two broad categories: marine and freshwater. Common type of marine fishing include deep sea, surfcasting, and netting. Common freshwater types include angling and trapping.

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