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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Fisher chemical?

Since the early part of the 20th century, the Fisher Chemical brand, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, has been serving the science community with chemicals for research applications.

Where can I find the Fisher Scientific website?

Fisher Scientific Ltd. Ottawa Admin. Center 112 Colonnade Road Nepean Ontario K2E 7L6 Canada Tel: 800-234-7437 Fax: 800-463-2996 North America Worldwide Locations: Latin America

What does the Fisher Scientific channel do?

Fisher Scientific — empowering innovation with world-class products, services and people. The Fisher Scientific channel keeps science moving forward by offering over 2 million products and extensive support services to the scientific research, healthcare and science education markets.

Where can I find Thermo Fisher Scientific locations?

Worldwide Locations: Middle East & Africa Fisher Scientific Global Solutions DuBio Science Park Laboratory Complex Building Suite 307-308 Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 44 398 100. Worldwide Locations: Australia & New Zealand Australia Thermo Fisher Scientific 5 Caribbean Drive P.O.

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