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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fisher Scientific do?

The Fisher Scientific channel keeps science moving forward by offering over 2 million products and extensive support services to the scientific research, healthcare and science education markets.

What happened to Fisher Scientific Company?

In 1991, The Henley Group sold a majority interest in Fisher through a public stock offering. The public entity was called Fisher Scientific International Inc., and based in Hampton, New Hampshire. Fisher Scientific Company remained in Pittsburgh as an operating subsidiary.

Where was the Fisher and company located?

In 1955, Fisher established a chemical manufacturing facility in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. In 1959 the company opened an instrument and supplies facility in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Chester Fisher died in 1965 at age 84.

Is Fisher Scientific and Thermo Electron the same company?

Fisher Scientific. In May 2006, Fisher Scientific and Thermo Electron announced that they would merge in a tax-free, stock-for-stock exchange. The merger closed on November 9, 2006 and the merged company is now called Thermo Fisher Scientific .

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