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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fisher Scientific do?

The Fisher Scientific channel keeps science moving forward by offering over 2 million products and extensive support services to the scientific research, healthcare and science education markets.

Why choose Fisher chemical products?

Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities, each Fisher Chemical product undergoes rigorous quality assurance and testing measures that ensure excellent lot-to-lot and bottle-to-bottle consistency.

How many options are there in Fisher chemical?

… With more than 5,000 options, the Fisher Chemical portfolio of dry reagents, acids, solutions, and high-purity solvents stands ready to support the endless possibilities of your research.

Why Fisher chemical™ Aqualine™ Karl Fischer reagents?

Superior Water Detection. Fisher Chemical™ Aqualine™ Karl Fischer Reagents are designed to meet the needs of the analytical chemist by providing accurate water content determination using volumetric or coulometric titration.

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