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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to eat at Fishermans Wharf?

Some of the best food in Fisherman’s Wharf can be found at Pier 39 – home to some of the freshest seafood found in the area. A local favorite is the Chowder and Crab Stands where the clam chowder in the bread bowl is highly recommended. Another favorite, located a little bit off of Pier 39, is The Codmother Fish and Chips.

Are Dogs Allowed on fisherman's wharf?

Fisherman's Wharf is a classic tourist attraction. The walkways follow the bayshore and are complete with all types of street vendors and performers. It's a great dog-friendly place to walk your dog as long as your pup doesn't mind crowds. You can start at Ghirardelli Square and walk along the bayshore to Jefferson Street.

What are facts about fisherman's wharf?

Always Colourful Restaurants Services Shops & Boutiques Marine Adventures Getting Here. Fisherman's Wharf is located just around the corner from Victoria's Inner Harbour or just a 10 minute walk from The Breakwater District at Ogden Point cruise ship terminal. Additional Information. ...

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