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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is fisherman's wharf?

Book Now! Ahoy!! Welcome to Fisherman’s Wharf, down by the Lewes, Delaware drawbridge. It’s a family affair here where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, with three generations of Parsons to serve you! Our fleet includes head boats, deep sea charter boats, cruising, and sightseeing vessels.

What is the fish market at the wharf?

The Municipal Fish Market at The Wharf (formerly the Maine Avenue Fish Market) is a Washington, DC landmark offering fresh fish and cooked seafood. District Wharf logo Restaurants

What to do at the wharf in Washington DC?

Stock up for special occasions, grab something for lunch or dinner, or walk over to one of The Wharf’s plazas or parks—or the Tidal Basin—for a scenic picnic. Whatever you do, don’t miss this hometown favorite, chock full of fresh seafood and local flavor.

What can you expect to find at the wharf?

But that’s not all – there are plenty more dining destinations you can expect to find at The Wharf. Maine Avenue Fish Market at The Wharf on the Southwest Waterfront - Historic fish market in Washington, DC Without the Maine Avenue Fish Market, there would be no Wharf.

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