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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fisher Scientific and Thermo Electron the same company?

Fisher Scientific. In May 2006, Fisher Scientific and Thermo Electron announced that they would merge in a tax-free, stock-for-stock exchange. The merger closed on November 9, 2006 and the merged company is now called Thermo Fisher Scientific .

Where is Fisher Scientific located?

The public entity was called Fisher Scientific International Inc., and based in Hampton, New Hampshire. Fisher Scientific Company remained in Pittsburgh as an operating subsidiary. In 1992, Fisher facilities were ISO-9000 certified.

How do I contact Fisher Scientific?

Contact Fisher Scientific at +1-877-885-2081 or click on the Contact Us link to connect directly with the department you need.

What was the first product of the Fieldfisher company?

Fisher became a supplier of lab equipment and reagents for the area's industrial research. Early products included microscopes, burets, pipettes, litmus, balances, colorimeters, dissecting kits, and anatomical models. The first catalog, the 400 page Scientific Materials Co.

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