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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fisher Sci Canada?

Welcome to - your complete portfolio of laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies and services for research, safety, healthcare and science education Need a Business (Corporate) Account?

What is the Fisher Scientific Chemical Center?

The Fisher Scientific Chemical Center is one source for all your research chemicals and production chemicals — supported by a team of specialists and sales people working together to find the best solution for your exact needs and budget. Chemicals? ready to help. your specific application. Jump to...

Do I need to sign up for Fisher Scientific retail?

Sign up for your Fisher Scientific Retail profile to purchase online by credit card only. For customers ordering products using our online retail program, a signature is required when a product is being dropped off by our courier company. Please note there are purchase restrictions, including chemicals, medical devices, and biotech products.

How many options are available in Fisher chemical?

With more than 5,000 options, the Fisher Chemical portfolio of dry reagents, acids, solutions, and high-purity solvents stands ready to support the endless possibilities of your research.

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