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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of parts does Fisher make for plows?

Home > Plow & Pump Parts-Fisher Choose a sub category: ALL FISHER PLOW PARTS Controllers and Switches Fisher Plow Hydraulic Cylinder Fisher Plow Manifolds & Valves Fisher Plow Seal Kits Fisher Snow Plow Harness & Fisher Snow P ... Lighting Harness Kits Mounting Parts Snow Plow Wing Kits Springs 1 more rows ...

Is there a kit index for Mount plows?

NOTE: This index is not current and appears as it did in a 1995 Parts & Service Manual. It is to be used for reference and should not take the place of the Kit Selection Guide/eMatch. Kits listed may no longer be available. PECULIAR AND COMMON ATTACHMENT KIT INDEX – CONVENTIONAL MOUNT PLOWS

What is included in the snowplow manual?

• This manual contains hard-to-fi nd Conventional and Minute Mount System snowplow, as well as spreader, information from many sources, including some of those listed above. • The reference manual is a great resource to help you and your customers identify parts.

Can I install a FISHER®snowplow with the isolation module plug-in harness?

Although there is no Isolation Module plug-in harness available for LF/UF headlamps, it is still possible to install a new FISHER®snowplow with the Isolation Module electrical system on vehicles with these headlamps. Note, however, that installation on these vehicles does require modifi cation of the existing vehicle wiring.

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