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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Fischer Homes been in business?

Edit business info About the Business As one of America's Top 50 Builders, Fischer Homes has been building quality homes for over 35 years. Our customer service rating is among the highest in the industry, proving that we are a builder you can depend on.

Should I buy a house from Fischer?

I do not recommend buying from Fischer unless you can frequently do to job sites to make sure the homes are built correctly. My house is under two years old has cracks in the foundation, my siding is warped, there is not a straight wall in my house, overall poor quality home.

Who is the landscaping company for Fischer Homes?

Maddox was the landscaping Company for Fischer Homes on a home I closed on less than a month ago. They are HORRIBLE!!  Granted this is another Company, but I've contacted Fischer regarding Less than 30 days Post closing about the sod And landscaping I received and was told to read the owners manual.

Why choose Holmes garage door company?

Holmes Garage Door Company®offers a complete line of top quality garage doors including traditional raised panel doors, carriage house style doors and contemporary styles. GET IN TOUCH 1400 WEST MARKET ST TROY, OH 45373 1-800-557-0488

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