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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Fischer's meat market?

Nestled in the small North Texas town of Muenster, Fischer’s Meat Market is here to serve. We combine our German Heritage with Texas Hospitality in order to provide the absolute best service possible.

What is Fischer's Packing?

In Louisville, KY in 1904, Henry Fischer founded Fischer’s Packing Company. It was a full-service meat packing facility with a strong adherence to time-honored recipes from cure masters of past generations. The quality and taste of the products drew people far and wide to get their hands on Fischer’s meats.

Who is behind Family Meat Shop?

Family-owned by an 8th generation of meat cutters and sausage makers, we are the regions finest meat shop, offering a complete line of our own custom luncheon meats, sausages, bacon, and hams that have won many state, national, and in 2016 we added international awards to our list!

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