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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of finefine?

fine 2. (faɪn) n., v. fined, fin•ing. n. 1. a sum of money imposed as a penalty for an offense or dereliction: a parking fine. 2. a fee paid by a feudal tenant to a landlord, as on the renewal of tenure. 3. (formerly) a conveyance of land through decree of an English court, based upon a simulated lawsuit. 4.

What is penalty?

1. a certain amount of money exacted as a penalty: a parking fine. 2. (Law) a payment made by a tenant at the start of his tenancy to reduce his subsequent rent; premium 3.

What is the synonym of Fine?

Synonym study. 1. Fine, choice, elegant, exquisite are terms of praise with reference to quality. Fine is a general term: a fine horse, person, book. Choice implies a discriminating selection of the object in question: a choice piece of steak.

What does it mean to pay a fine?

1 a : a sum imposed as punishment for an offense The motorist had to pay a fine for speeding. Adjective “Is there anything wrong?” “No, everything's fine.”

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