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Frequently Asked Questions

What is beta in Yahoo Finance?

The Beta used is Beta of Equity. Beta is the monthly price change of a particular company relative to the monthly price change of the S&P500. The time period for Beta is 3 years (36 months) when available. Yahoo Finance calculates beta from monthly prices over a time of three years.

How to download historical data from Yahoo Finance?

Ensure the cell where you would like the data to be downloaded to is selected in your spreadsheet. Press the "Download Data" button and the requested historical data will be downloaded from Yahoo Finance into your spreadsheet:

Is Yahoo Finance free?

Yahoo Finance does have a free option, but it only comes with the basic tools. However, the tools that they offer with the free version are pretty helpful, even if you don’t have the money to spend. Although, we would recommend looking into the premium plan as you get a bunch more helpful tools and guides along the way.

What is Yahoo Finance?

Yahoo! Finance is a media property that is part of Yahoo!'s network. It provides financial news, data and commentary including stock quotes, press releases, financial reports, and original content. It also offers some online tools for personal finance management.

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