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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of insurance?

Types of Insurance 1. Life Insurance. Life Insurance refers to a policy or cover whereby the policyholder can ensure financial freedom for... 2. Motor Insurance. Motor insurance refers to policies that offer financial assistance in the event of accidents... 3. Health Insurance. Health insurance ...

What is financial insurance and what does it cover?

Financial insurance is a type of insurance policy that is frequently purchased by businesses. It provides coverage that protects them from losses due to a partner in a contract failing to meet their obligations. It can also protect against various other types of commercial financial losses.

What type of insurance do I Need?

There are however, four insurances that most financial experts recommend that all of us have: life, health, auto and long-term disability. Each one of these covers a specific aspect of your life, and each one is very important to your financial future.

What types of insurance should you have in your portfolio?

Factors such as children, age, lifestyle, and employment benefits play a role when you're building your insurance portfolio. There are, however, four types of insurance that most financial experts recommend we all have: life, health, auto, and long-term disability.

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