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Frequently Asked Questions

What are financial insurances?

What Does Financial Insurance Mean? Financial insurance is a type of insurance policy that is frequently purchased by businesses. It provides coverage that protects them from losses due to a partner in a contract failing to meet their obligations. It can also protect against various other types of commercial financial losses.

What is insurance financing?

Financed insurance is a life insurance policy with special arrangements made for the payment of the policy premiums. Instead of the insured party paying the premiums himself, he makes a deal with a third-party lender or with the insurance company to pay the premiums on his behalf.

What is financial lines insurance?

Financial Lines Insurance Policy. This is a fast-moving market, which needs a responsive and up-to-date approach based on a detailed understanding of emerging risks and legal developments. This is why our expert underwriting teams have a wide range of specialist expertise with a reputation for responsiveness and innovation, and respond rapidly to emerging risks with new products.

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