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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact financefex DMS?

FEX DMS has branches located in California and Texas. Please call or click on the chat icon/link above to contact a representative at Finance Express.

How do I contact Fex customer support?

Support for all FEX products (DMS, BHPH, LenderPortal etc.) Phone/Chat Support hours: Monday-Friday 5:00am PT - 5:00pm PT Toll Free: 888-539-1016 then press 3 Website: 888-556-2447 then press 3 Email Support [email protected] . Privacy Policy

How do I send a message to Sheffield financial?

For existing customers, log in to your account to send us a secure message. Make payments and account inquiries 24/7. [email protected] Send the coupon from your monthly statement and payment to:

How do I contact Sheffield financial NYC law?

[email protected] Notice to NYC residents: NYC Law requires we collect information as to your preferred language, for record keeping purposes only. All correspondence will continue to be issued in English. Please call our office at 888-438-8870 to provide such information.

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