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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a finance degree provide high pay?

Careers in finance are often a popular choice in that they can offer a high paying position shortly after completing your degree. The different opportunities for working within the finance field are vast, with a multitude of specialties to choose from. Depending on your level of education and specific interests, there is a finance career for you.

How much does a finance major make?

Finance is a business major that focuses on economics and the management of money. This is a popular and lucrative business major for both undergraduate and graduate students. Average starting salaries for finance majors exceed $50,000 at the bachelor's level and $70,000 at the master's level.

What are the best paying jobs in finance?

Take the two best-paying jobs within finance and insurance, for example: financial managers and chief financial officers, both with average earnings of $86,280. Both positions call for managing workers, making decisions and project management.

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