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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available for 3D printed figurines and portraits?

Several size options are available for 3D figurines or 3D portraits, ranging from a few centimeters tall to almost life-size dimensions. Pricing will increase with the size of the 3D printed statue. 3D printed figurines can be personalized at will to create action figures with your own face on them, for example!

What is a 3D selfie figurine?

3D printed figurines, 3D selfies, “mini-me” , and 3D portraits refer to the same thing: a photorealistic 3D printed miniature figurine of a person (or a couple) based on a 3D scan. The process to get such a personal 3D self figurine involves two main steps:

What is a 3D printed family/group figurine?

✔️ A 3d printed family/group figurine is a life-like, super realistic replica of a set of people, crafted only from a few pictures. We are the world’s first to create these one of a kind sculptures that have a minimum accuracy of 90%. Our figurines range from 5 to 12 inches in height.

Which 3D scanner for 3D printing figurines?

The full-body 3D scanner market is booming, but only a few of these 3D scanning booths are suitable for 3D printing figurines or “mini-me” applications. The Twinstant Mobile 3D body scanner by Twindom. They almost always come as part of an integrated solution designed for 3D entrepreneurs, including a 3D scanning and 3D printing solution.

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