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Frequently Asked Questions

How much did cat figurines cost in 1800s?

Since Victorians who couldn’t afford real porcelain wanted cat figurines, too, a market opened up for chalkware, or cat figurines molded out of plaster of Paris. Much of this ware was made in the mid-1800s in Pennsylvania or New Jersey for as little as 15 cents apiece.

What kind of cat figurines are made of?

Made of solid African Wenge and different hardwoods. very elegant cat sculpture. Wooden Cat Figurine. Made of Hard Maple and different hardwoods. very elegant cat sculpture. Adorable Cat Miniatures; Cat Figurines, 2"X1.5" (set of 9 cats), with Gift Box! Cat Decorative Sculpture Size 4 inches. Hand Painted Design. Barcino

What does this cat statue show?

This cat statue shows a cute cat playing with garden gnomes. With this gift, any cat lover can easily decorate their garden or yard. This statue is small and fits inside as well. Amazon's Choice Customers shopped Amazon's Choice for…

What are cat antiques?

Cat antiques come in every form imaginable: Porcelain and pottery figurines, salt-and-pepper shakers, paintings, advertising trade cards, children’s books, doorstops, bronze statuettes, tin toys, lithographs, product tins and boxes, and jade figurines.

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