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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a 2022 Ferrari Purosangue?

We never thought we'd see the day where a Ferrari SUV became a reality, but in the wake of successful high-dollar, high-performance sport-utes, the stage is set for the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue. This news comes despite the company's past messaging that an SUV has no place in the lineup. Expect to need a hedge-fund manager's salary ...

What is Ferrari’s Purosangue?

Ferrari's First SUV Should Have More Power Than the Lamborghini Urus. This new crossover, being developed under the Purosangue name, is likely to arrive in 2022. However heretical it may seem, Ferrari is working on an SUV under the code name "Purosangue," and here is what we know about it.

How much does a Ferrari SUV cost?

It's likely to use a turbocharged V-8 with hybrid assistance, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 650 horsepower. Look for the Ferrari SUV to arrive in 2022 with a starting price of around $350,000.

Will Ferrari's V12 Purosangue SUV have a V8 engine?

This would make it unique among other super- SUVs, most of which come with V8 engines. Ferrari isn’t expected to offer a hybrid V12 Purosangue SUV, on the grounds that adding electric motors and batteries to a car with an already hefty V12 engine would make it too heavy. Instead, a twin-turbo V8 hybrid is likely to arrive at some point.

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