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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Python library to generate fake data?

Faker is a Python library that generates fake data for you. It is useful to create realistic looking datasets and can generate all types of data. We’ll explore those most relevant for customer demos but the documentation details all the “providers” of fake data available in the library.

What is 'production' data in Faker?

Our ‘production’ data has the following schema. As you can see, the table contains a variety of sensitive data including names, SSNs, birthdates, and salary information. Refer to the Faker documentation for more details on how to install Faker, but in short you can run:

How do I generate data on a fake customer?

There are providers for different types of data we can generate on a fake “customer” by calling the appropriate Faker provider. For example:

Can Faker generate datasets in multiple languages?

Although Faker set to use US English by default, we can easily set the localization when we initialize the library. We can even specify multiple localization if we wanted to generate datasets that are truly multi-lingual. For example, we can generate first names in a number of locales by specifying the language code

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