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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a professor and a faculty member?

In many universities, the members of the administration (e.g., department chairs, deans, vice presidents, presidents, and librarians) are also faculty members; many of them begin (and remain) as professors.

What is the plural of faculty?

plural faculties Kids Definition of faculty 1 : ability to do something : talent He has a faculty for making friends. 2 : one of the powers of the mind or body the faculty of hearing

What is a faculty rank?

Faculty rank is comprised of three general titles that include assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor. These job titles are determined by tenure and an evaluation process. Tenure is a process where faculty have to demonstrate that they have excellent skills in three key areas.

What is the title of a senior faculty member?

Although "Professor" is often the highest rank attained by a senior faculty member, some institutions may offer a unique title to a senior faculty member whose research or publications have achieved wide recognition. This may be a "named professorship" or "named chair" – for example, the "John Doe Professor of Philosophy".

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