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Frequently Asked Questions

What is our University doing to support faculty?

Our university has made a commitment across campus units to collaborate to support faculty while remaining mindful of equity. Other universities can adopt similar practices.

How is the University supporting remote teaching?

Recently, the university has provided additional support for fall teaching, making in-person teaching the exception rather than the rule and providing funds, via the faculty union, for technology to support remote teaching.

How can colleges and universities ensure inclusion in higher education?

To ensure inclusion in higher education, campus leaders must consider how to fully embrace all students, faculty, and staff with and without disabilities. When developing a culture of inclusion, colleges and universities have specific responsibilities to students with disabilities to ensure they can learn and achieve their goals.

How can campus leaders support students with disabilities on campus?

Typically, campus leaders turn to the disability support services and counseling offices on campus to build a comprehensive approach to access and accommodations.

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