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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Professor jobs?

There are several different types of professor jobs that academics can pursue on the path to, or in lieu of, a career as a college or university professor. Some of these professions include teaching assistant (TA), associate professor, teaching fellow (TF), and adjunct professor.

What are responsibilities of faculty?

Faculty Responsibilities. It is the primary responsibility of the student to initiate the discussion of the in-class accommodations needed; however, the outcome depends on the receptivity, flexibility, and understanding of the instructor. Both faculty and student may find it useful to consult with the DRS Department for advice and/or assistance.

Are adjunct faculty required to have office hours?

All adjunct faculty are required to hold regular weekly office hours. Each adjunct should have one (1) office hour per week for each course taught during the semester. Be sure to include your office hours in your syllabus.

What is a remote adjunct faculty job?

Remote adjunct faculty jobs are non-tenure positions with college campuses and universities. In this online role, your job is to work from home to teach students material from your assigned courses.

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