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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a professor is Emeritus?

When a tenured professor retires, he is given the honorary title of “professor emeritus.” What are the duties of a professor emeritus? Faculty often switch the status of a professor to emeritus to free up a faculty slot for a new hire. Emeritus professors are typically no longer expected to conduct research, attend meetings, and teach classes.

What does it mean to be a retired professor?

1 : holding after retirement an honorary title corresponding to that held last during active service. 2 : retired from an office or position professor emeritus —converted to emeriti after a plural professors emeriti.

When did the Board of trustees adopt the honorary title Professor Emeritus?

In March 1991, the Board of Trustees adopted the following statement of qualification for the honorary title professor emeritus:

What is the difference between approval and Emeritus?

Approval, under presidential authority, is by the provost. Use of the title is limited to those who have held tenure at Cornell. Emeritus status is not available for other academic titles. Persons holding professorial titles modified by “adjunct,” “courtesy,” or “visiting” cannot be granted emeritus status.

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