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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by 'Professor Emeritus'?

A professor emeritus or emeritus professor is a title that may be given to a full professor who retires in good standing. According to the American Council on Education it is typically awarded for "long and distinguished service". Standards for granting professor emeritus status vary considerably from one institution to another.

What is it like to be a professor emeritus?

A professor emeritus may be able to work directly with graduate students. In some cases, a professor emeritus may be able to continue teaching if she enjoys doing so. Courses taught by a professor emeritus may be part of the regular curriculum, but may also take the form of high-level seminars in a specific area of interest to the professor.

Do emeritus professors get paid?

Emeritus Professors do not usually get paid but may be offered a contract in some circumstances. Under the University Ordinances, an Emeritus Professor shall for all purposes of courtesy and on ceremonial occasions be on the same footing as a member of Senate although not formally a member of any University body.

What is emeriti faculty?

About the Emeriti Faculty. Emeritus (pronounced /ɨˈmɛrɨtəs/) (plural Emeriti) is an adjective that is used in the title of a retired professor, bishop, or other professional. Emerita (/ɨˈmɛrɨtə/) is often used as the female equivalent, although avoided by purists, since phrases such as professor emerita are ungrammatical in Latin.

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