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Frequently Asked Questions

Is EyeMed worth it?

EyeMed Vision Care provides significant discounts on the cost of an annual eye exam and the cost of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Compared to what you might pay for a comprehensive eye exam and pair of glasses without vision insurance, EyeMed members can save as much as 73 percent, according to the company.

Is Eyemed vision insurance good?

Is EyeMed good vision insurance? EyeMed is the best vision insurance company for plan options because it offers multiple plans with things like allowances for frames and no waiting periods. Premiums start at $5 a month. Is EyeMed part of Aetna? EyeMed and Aetna are independent contractors and not employees or agents of each other.

Does LensCrafters accept EyeMed insurance?

LensCrafters accepts many insurance plans at our stores and online. Some of the providers plans we accept are EyeMed Vision Care; and most major vision care insurance plans, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana and many more. To view a listing of LensCrafters - accepted vision insurance plans, please visit our Insurance page.

Who takes Eyemed vision insurance?

Firstly, Costco Optical accepts VPS Optical Insurance across all of its stores in the country. However, another famous Vision Insurance, Eye Med is only accepted at selected stores. Therefore, it is better to contact the respective stores beforehand to verify whether the EyeMed Vision Insurance is accepted or not.

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