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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the recovery time after cataract surgery?

The recovery time for cataract surgery is short. Any soreness and discomfort should disappear within a couple of days. However, depending on the nature and size of your cataracts, and your physiology and ability and heal, full recovery could take anything from four weeks to six weeks.

How long until the eye heals after cataract surgery?

Once it is determined by your doctor that cataract surgery is necessary for the quality of your vision, you may wonder how long it will take for the eye to heal after cataract surgery. Thankfully cataract healing time is mild with most patients seeing well within 1-3 days; however, it can take up to 3 months for full healing.

What to expect during cataract surgery recovery?

■ Medicated eye drops may be prescribed, and recovery may include limiting activities for a few days. Any eye discomfort should disappear after a couple of days. Eye patches and protective sunglasses also may be recommended. Cataract surgery can give people a new lease on life through improved visual clarity.

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