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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the strongest arguments against evolution?

What are the strongest arguments against evolution, and how have they been debunked? The only arguments against evolution as a fact of life are derived from religious dogma. The argument goes that certain ancient manuscripts are of divine provenance and do not refer to evolution. God does not refer to evolution, so it can’t happen.

What should we believe about creation and evolution?

The crux of the argument for both evolution and creation seems to rest on the idea of complexity of life. Evolution views the complexity of life as a result of billions of years of adaption and that living things have moved from simple to complex in order to survive. Creation views the complexity of life as evidence of an all-knowing Creator.

Which is true theory of evolution or creation?

There is no legitimate controversy in science over the issue of evolution/creationism, because evolution is supported by a mountain of evidence, observations, and facts, while creationism has yet to produce any real science.

What are the three arguments against the theory of evolution?

To put it in a nutshell, almost all arguments against the theory of evolution stem from four major factors – absence of observation, evidential instability, scientific inconsistency and absence of evolutionary mechanism in the present times.

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