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Frequently Asked Questions

Why train with an Evektor SportStar RTC in Holland?

With the introduction of the first CS-LSA-registered Evektor SportStar RTCs, Holland finally has availability of affordable training aircraft. The Czech low-wing aircraft stands out with relatively low operating costs and excellent flight characteristics, making it ideal for pilots training for Private Pilot Licenses (PPL).

Where is the SportStar RTC made?

Evektor SportStar RTC Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – SportStar RTC is a two-seat light sport aircraft manufactured by Evektor-Aerotechnik based in the Czech Republic. This aircraft can be used in a variety of operations including private, corporate transportation, as well as basic and advanced pilot training at flight schools.

How much does an Evektor Sportstar cost?

Evektor SportStar RTC Price and Orders. The price of the latest SportStar RTC light sport Evektor aircraft is around US $ 120,000. Evektor received large requests from customers from four flight shows conducted in Europe, including Tannkosh air shows in Germany, ULM Salon Blois in France, LAA Rally in England and MAKS air shows in Russia.

How safe is SportStar RTC?

The SportStar RTC design meets the highest safety standards of General Aviation. Further enhancements of safety features also include an optional parachute rescue system.

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