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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Evektor Sportstar?

The Evektor SportStar is a very strong platform that is built to last even in the harsh environment of flight training. The SportStar has low operating costs and performs well in my FAA certified FAR Part 141 training program operated by Aviation Sales Inc. in Springboro Ohio."

What is the maximum weight of the Sportstar?

The 550kg maximum weight of the SportStar was a deliberate choice by Evektor so that the aircraft would be compliant with the relatively stringent LSA limitations enacted in countries such as Australiaand Canada. [3]

Why train with an Evektor SportStar RTC in Holland?

With the introduction of the first CS-LSA-registered Evektor SportStar RTCs, Holland finally has availability of affordable training aircraft. The Czech low-wing aircraft stands out with relatively low operating costs and excellent flight characteristics, making it ideal for pilots training for Private Pilot Licenses (PPL).

How to contact Evektor - Aerotechnik?

EVEKTOR–AEROTECHNIK a.s. tel.: +420 572 537 111 Letecka 1384 fax: +420 572 537 900 686 04 Kunovice e-mail: [email protected] Czech Republic http::// AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE AND INSPECTION PROCEDURES FOR LIGHT SPORT AIRCRAFT Serial Number: 2009 1202 Registration: N906SL

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