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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EV-97 Eurostar?

The Evektor EV-97 Team Eurostar is an ultralight aircraft designed for sport/leisure flying, touring and training with limitation to non-aerobatic VFR operations. The Eurostar is aerodynamically controlled, single-engine, two-seat, low-wing, all metal plane with a fixed tricycle undercarriage and controllable nose wheel.

What is the Eurostar SL?

The EuroStar SL is the modern ultralight aircraft that defines standards of quality, reliability and comfort on the UL aircraft market where Evektor-Aerotechnik, as a certified aircraft manufacturer, applies and conforms to the highest standards of General Aviation.

How can I contact Evektor?

AIRPLANE TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OPERATING, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR MANUAL EVEKTOR Œ AEROTECHNIK a.s. Letecka 1384 686 04 Kunovice CZECH REPUBLIC tel.: +420 572 537 111 fax: +420 572 537 900 [email protected]

What kind of engine does a Eurostar have?

Evektor SportStar. The SportStar and EuroStar are a family of a two-seat, light sport aircraft (LSA), manufactured by Evektor-Aerotechnik of the Czech Republic and powered by a Rotax 912ULS, 100 horsepower (75 kW) engine.

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