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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Ethiopia at war with itself?

Why Is Ethiopia at War With Itself? The civil war has shifted dramatically since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed began a military campaign in the Tigray region a year ago. With Tigrayan fighters advancing toward the capital, Ethiopia is at risk of collapse.

What is the current political situation of Ethiopia?

Ethiopian politics operates in a system of "ethnic federalism"-while there is a central government to this federation, its constituent parts are carved out along ethnic lines and jockeyed over by parties promising the best deal for the ethnicities within them (of which there are dozens throughout a country of 112 million).

What are the major problems in Ethiopia?

Major problems facing Ethiopia today. Environmental issues such as water pollution (as a result of agricultural and industrial runoffs, etc.), land degradation which often leads to desertification, poor climatic conditions (including severe droughts), etc. continue to threaten several lives in Ethiopia today.

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