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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Ethiopian Airlines so successful?

Ethiopian Airlines ended 2019 with 26.8 million seats – over twice as many as for number-two, EgyptAir. Despite being 100% government-owned, Ethiopian largely owes its success to: The government letting it operate commercially (very unusual in Africa) The effectiveness of its management (unusual in Africa) Its geographic position.

How to contact Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines Phone Number. The airlines have such huge network but still they have made their contact support so effective and well sorted. If you ever wish to contact Ethiopian Airlines customer service number, you can easily find them on their website. You just have to login to their website and visit the contact support option.

What airlines fly into Ethiopia?

Ethiopian Airlines Group, Africa’s largest carrier, will resume flying Boeing’s 737 MAX jets on Feb. 1 ... in the U.S. and Europe provides confidence to put the plane back into service, Chief Executive Officer Tewolde GebreMariam said in a statement ...

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