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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes Ethiopian Airlines is very OK. I used it to fly from Abuja to Addis Ababa, then Addis Ababa to Dubai. The cabin is well designed, spacious and comfortable.

How many airplanes does Ethiopian Air Lines have?

Just so, how many planes does Ethiopian Airlines have? Ethiopian Airlines currently has about 116 aircraft in its fleet, consisting of Airbus A350, Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-200 freighter, Bombardier Q400, Boeing 767 and Boeing 737 planes.

What is the safety record of Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines, the national airline of Ethiopia, has a good safety record. As of March 2019, the Aviation Safety Network records 64 accidents/incidents for Ethiopian Airlines that total 459 fatalities since 1965, plus six accidents for Ethiopian Air Lines, the airline's former name. Since July 1948

Does Ethiopian Airlines have WiFi on the plane?

Ethiopian Airlines has just introduced Wi-Fi on their Airbus A350 aircraft. For this new service, Ethiopian is using Ka-band broadband satellite technology, so you can expect the speeds to be pretty good (it drives me nuts when airlines nowadays roll out Wi-Fi using the OnAir service).

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