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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an escape game?

Escape games require puzzle solving skills and logic. The aim is generally simple - escape from a variety of situations or levels using a wide set of skills. There's a breed of browser game that has taken the digital world by storm and is here to stay: Escape games!

What is the medical definition of escape?

Medical Definition of escape (Entry 2 of 3) : an act or instance of escaping: as a : evasion of something undesirable find no method of escape from pain and suffering b : distraction or relief from routine or reality especially : mental distraction or relief by flight into idealizing fantasy or fiction that serves to glorify the self

What is the verb for escape?

transitive verb. 1 : to get free of : break away from escape the jungle escape the solar system. 2 : to get or stay out of the way of : avoid efforts to escape poverty. 3 : to fail to be noticed or recallable by his name escapes me.

What is a room escape room?

Room escape games are a sub-genre of adventures and puzzles, usually created as a free online game. NEW! Tomb of Amon Ra You are an explorer who is trapped in the ancient pharaoh's tomb... FEATURED! Kids Room You need to somehow find a way out of this room. Look for the letters...

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